God’s Perfect Will for my life

Jesus says in John 14, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” What is this command? It’s to leave behind the milk of belief and, with God’s help, to move on and attain the measure of faith that will allow God in you to do greater works through his Perfect Will for your life and ministry. Scripture lays out the practical applications for you to be given this measure of faith. Read more.



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2 responses to “God’s Perfect Will for my life

  1. Milk of belief??? WOW!!! Great use of words, Sam…see ‘Leave a Comment’ is working…
    Is Leave a comment and Leave a Reply the same? GOOD work, Sam

  2. HALLELUJAH!!! Sam have you noticed that God’s Webpages have made the top TWO on Google’s search engine… labeled ” Jesus’ greatest desire command “. Praise God, thank you Lord, good work HS….Sam, i/we are truly amazed!!! GREAT OBEDIENCE, Sam…for being in tune to the leading of the HS………james