Faith you can measure

Faith is being sure of what I hope for but how do I know I have enough faith? We’ve read where Jesus said if we have faith as big as a mustard seed, we can move this mountain from there to over here. But how do we compare how much faith we have to a mustard seed if we don’t know how much we have?

God uses even a little faith to do mighty works in us, but He’s happy to do even more through more faith.

Is this attempt of comparison a distraction to the real issue of putting our faith in God? Certainly putting our faith in God is a step that’s required, but I wonder how often we take that step of faith? You would think that after a successful outcome of applying our faith in a little thing would build on itself and increase our faith, perhaps to the point that we delight in God, and He in us, which would remove more of the sin that separates us from Him and the joys of Heaven on Earth.

How do we grow our faith? How do we even get the courage to even take the first step of faith in a given situation? According to Scripture, faith comes by hearing the message from the Word of God. It doesn’t say reading the Word and thinking about the Word. It says to hear it, and to hear it means someone has spoken the Word. Out loud. Where others can hear it.

What good will that do? Well, there’s power in speaking the Word. It gets out where it can be heard, perhaps by others. And it gets out of being put away in your brain, where it can seem to be locked in a closet, so to speak. And it’s obedience to Scripture.

I’ve found that when I’m tempted, speaking Scripture out loud is sufficient to remove the temptation to sin.

So we have faith tied to the Word of God spoken where it can be heard. The Word of God spoken by someone reading from the Bible out loud? That’s not practical for our daily lives. While it would be nice, but we’re not likely to go through the workday with the open Bible in one hand and the other at work. No, the Word of God must be hidden, planted and eaten so that it’s in our hearts. If it’s a memory in our minds, it’s not nearly as handy as if we’ve memorized it in our hearts. God’s Word is a living, breathing thing that is eager to be used.

It seems to be logical that the more Scripture is stored in our hearts, the more faith we have, since they are linked in Romans 10:17.

To store and speak from the heart more and more Scripture, we can come to the logical conclusion that with more faith, which is more Scripture, in our hearts that it’s  likely to be come out because of God’s Word filling your heart to overflowing. And that’s because to put more of God in your heart, the more sin/crud is taken out by Him.

And to extend that logic some more, it’s not far-fetched to think that our bodies can become the Wellspring of eternal life. The faith/scripture overflowing out is a fountain of life in the middle of the parched Earth.

So how much faith do you have?If you’re like me, you’ve memorized a few verses. The next time you’re tempted, speak them out loud. Is your mind taken off of the temptation? I would venture, you feel more filled by God and what God has in store for you is for your own good. Try it, take a step of faith. Thank God he has given us the means to keep the sin we confess from returning to our hearts! He wants us to be holy like He is and to be winners.


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